• If you have any website issues let Don know and he will squash those bugs 🙂

  • Some peeps are having download issues etc, i am working on it, but i am not having issues. Hope you guys are enjoying

  • thanx so much everyone for ur support and sharing all over the world!

  • if you want to read along, the music is on pages of this site

  • Much love to the metal fb communities for their support!

  • Matthew Lohman

    The demo is so fucking good guys. I’m one of your supporters without a doubt! 🙂 love ya don.

  • wow tysm my friend really means lot!!!! plenty of material is written and is gonna come FAST!!! get ready!!!!




  • Pre-Orders almost at an end!!! HURRY!!!! <3

  • Merch pre-orders are placed and all the goodies should be arriving within a week or sooo!!!! xoxo tysm everyone!!! SUPPORT WORLDWIDE!!!

  • radke2011

    BOY I TELL YA THEY KNOW JUST WHAT TO SAY. sick shit don + band, hyped for your guys next release. you guys have an est. time when you might drop new recordings? been lovin your live performances too. stay brutal