Album: Rant

Releases: June 30, 2018

Location: New York / New Jersey





Big Cartel:

Concrete Arteries


Daily fluoride showers
Consuming digested doses
All this chemical does is
Calcify your glands
Solidifying our connected bodies
Concrete arteries
Protect your third eye

In the middle of your brain
Lies the connecting links to
Higher level spiritual realms
Developing telepathy
Supernatural human powers
Organ of higher vision
Your third eye
It controls

When your
Pineal awakens
You will
Feel a pressure
At the base
Of your brain
Have no fear
It’s gonna be the ride of your life
Relieve yourself from all your pain
Meditation always will provide
The way

Your mind
Is always the key
When we intoxicate ourselves by our own ignorance of what is truly happening to us

The horrid medical cult is laughing all the way to the greedy Bank with your life in their low vibrational frequency hands

It is time to get off of your knees
To stand up for what is right and rise up
Not against
But beyond the wrong that is being placed upon us

Get back at them bastards ten fold now
Focus on your breathe just like you know how
Accept your emotions without judgment
Replace your craving with subsiding knowledge

Let go
It’s time
Yet another astral ride
A ride that will make you
Surpass your current concrete mind

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Christopher Rini

Mastered at Audiosiege

Music written by Dimas Mendez

Lyrics written by Don Campan

Logo and album artwork by Sergio Vazquez

Photography of single artwork by Anthony Connors

Join us for our cd release Saturday June 30 2018 @ The Kingsland Brooklyn NY Bands: @anarchyincctdm @necropiaband @eyeofthedestroyer @themachinistnyc @ground_nj @splitwigband Doors 6pm Tickets $10 advance $15 including cd day off show @slamworldwide @thekingslandpresents

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Trey Williams from Dying Fetus rocking Hate Diplomacy shirt last night.

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International orders AVAILABLE NOW! Go!

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We’re gonna bring the system down!

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We would like to officially welcome our new bass player, Joe Randazza from @eyeofthedestroyer Album almost done. More info soon.

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New rehearsal spot! Getting ready for CD release show. More info really soon.

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First seconds

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