Hate Diplomacy was born in Ponce Puerto Rico at the end of 2006 and put together by Dimas Méndez.

Through the last 10 years, the lineup in the past has had its highs and lows. After many frustrations, Dimas moved to New York City in 2015 where he met Anthony Cossu from the band Dehumanized and Donald Campan from Waking the Cadaver. At first, Dimas asked them to help him record Hate Diplomacy’s material as a studio project, but with way too many killer ideas on the plate along with being on the same page with musical direction, focus and purpose of the band, it quickly turned into more than just a side project.

Dimas’s long time friend, Josean Orta from Fit for an Autopsy recorded drums for what has come to be the bands first demo in Summer 2016. As a final member to our band, from Long Island New York, death metal drummer Chris Kulak steps up to the plate and makes this band a heavy 4 piece that is ready to blast, slam, smash, thrash, break, foretell, and unleash its movement.