Biography of Hate Diplomacy

Biography of Hate Diplomacy Dimas Méndez

Biography of Hate Diplomacy

Hate Diplomacy was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico at the end of 2006 and put together by Dimas Méndez. He consistently kept momentum defeating many odds along his journey.

Dimas Méndez

Photographer: Anthony Connors © 2017

Venue: Reverb, Reading PA

Event: The Summer Slaughter Festival 2017 USA

Anthony Cossu


Biography of Hate Diplomacy Anthony Cossu

Don Campan


Biography of Hate Diplomacy Don Campan
Through the last 10 years, the lineup has changed quite a bit. Dimas moved to New York City in 2015 where he met Anthony Cossu from the band Dehumanized and Don Campan of Waking the Cadaver. What started out as a side project quickly became much more as the band realized they were on the same page musically and lyrically.
Biography of Hate Diplomacy Chris Kulak

Chris Kulak


Dimas’s long time friend, Josean Orta from Fit for an Autopsy recorded drums on the band’s first demo in the Summer of 2016. Before Chris Kulak of Necropia and Without Remorse became the full time drummer of this heavy 4 piece.
After a year of playing all over the north east, they started recording their full length album in the summer of 2017. Anthony Cossu (Dehumanized) stepped down and Joe Randazza from Eye Of The Destroyer joined on bass.

The first full length album entitled “RANT” is scheduled to be released June 29th 2018. The record release show featuring Ground, Splitwig, The Machinist, Anarchy Inc. and Necropia will be June 30th at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, New York.

Biography of Hate Diplomacy Joe Randazza

Joe Randazza


Hate Diplomacy is a four piece powerhouse that blends elements of slamming death metal and hardcore to create an intense listening experience. Fronted by Don Campan (Waking The Cadaver) the lyrics are delivered with hellacious veracity. Lighting fast blasts coupled with crushing guitars create a sound that is sure to please extreme music fans worldwide.

Be sure to check out their first full length offering entitled “RANT” out now!

Record Release Show: Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much to all our family, friends and fans
around the world for all your support and love
for this band and necessary movement.  – Hate Diplomacy


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