Album Review: Hate Diplomacy – Rant (Self Released)

Taking no prisoners with a hellish assault of metal, Hate Diplomacy spread nothing but fury across 10 tracks.

Rant is an apt name for an album that feels as though it’s spitting and roaring in your face.

The Intro opens its wrists to let the blood flow into The Beheading of Kings, a short showcase of the heavy sound that Hate Diplomacy have before the wound is ripped open with prying fingers on Believe in Yourself. The first track with vocals and what an extra layer it adds.

The feral death metal needed a bit of direction and the vocals bring that, directing traffic and ensuring that certain tracks don’t lose focus.

Not that Hate Diplomacy care though. Their aim is to make you feel every inch of their sound and it comes through. The horrific screams and bruising drum beat of Concrete Arteries, the statement that It’s the Facts make known with an intro speech, Human Animals ungodly noisey efforts and the thrilling Programmed Perception.

A step up in the brutal/extreme death metal department, Hate Diplomacy are no slouches and clearly not looking to ride a wave of pre-defined comfort. They throw their all into Rant and as Don’t Join ‘em, Beat ‘em proves, it’s a hell of a beating given to all that listen.


Hate Diplomacy – Rant Full Track Listing:

1. Intro & The Beheading of Kings
2. Believe in Yourself
3. Concrete Arteries
4. Gastrointestinal Torment
5. It’s the Facts
6. Fed Up
7. Human Animals
8. Programmed Perception
9. The Arrival
10. Don’t Join ’em, Beat ’em

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